About Carey

Carey Crays has been a photographer for over twenty years. Starting with a passion for utilizing his creative talent, Carey studied the craft, attending workshops by some of the most respected photographers in the business. Workshops taught by David Ziser, Hanson Fong, Ed Pierce, and Tim Walden shaped Carey's creative talent with advanced techniques in composition and lighting.

Much like arists of old, Carey had a deep interest in manipulating and controlling light to achieve photographic works that contain intriguing depth and dimension. That drive has led him to an understanding of light not held by many modern photographers. Carey has additionally developed and crafted unqiue pieces of equipment to assist in the pursuit of light.

Carey's experience is daunting, having worked with over 3,700 high school seniors for portraits, and in excess of 1,000 weddings. Carey's resume would not be complete without touching on just a few of the local corporate clients he has pleased, including:

  • Cravings
  • Dolce Vita's Italian Restaurant
  • Nick & Nino's Restaurant
  • Tiffany's Pizza
  • Four Star Greenhouse
  • The Temperance Distillary
  • Mulvaney's Bunker Irish Pub
  • River Raisin National Battlefield Park

Carey resides in Carleton, Michigan with his wife and two children. In his off-time, he enjoys camping and both playing/coaching recreational hockey.


Carey uses professional camera equipment from Canon including Canon's top 'L' Series lenses for quality digital images. Additional professional grade equipment from manufacturers such as PocketWizard, Lastolite, Paul C. Buff, Photoflex, and Quantum Instruments allow for capturing images in a wide range of demanding scenarios.

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